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Providing sexuality and relationships education in schools is a rewarding and challenging task that teachers and educators should feel supported and confidant to do.

SHFPACT has been supporting public, private and faith-based schools in Canberra to deliver effective, relevant, accurate and responsible sexuality education since the 1970s.

SHFPACT's education, health promotion & clinical services reach thousands of students in Canberra's schools each year.

Here at SHFPACT we see the aims of sexuality and relationships education being:

  • To assist in building an understanding of the basic facts of human reproduction and the emotional and physical development of an individual from conception to adulthood.
  • To provide guidelines for appropriate social and sexual behaviour.
  • To assist in developing a sense of responsibility towards others, especially in sexual relationships.
  • To encourage the making of informed choices in regard to sexuality and gain an understanding of the responsibilities and consequences accompanying those choices.

To support teachers and educators in reaching these goals SHFPACT has a range of resources and services

Program and curriculum development to build the capacity of staff in schools.

In school sessions and workshops for students on a range of topics to support programs running in schools.

Training courses and seminars to inform and expand teacher’s and educator’s knowledge in the areas of sexual and reproductive health. Some programs are TQI accredited for ACT registered teachers.

SHFPACT runs a school’s disability program specifically designed to support teachers in educators working with students with diagnosed disabilities.

Parent and care giver information sessions as a way to engage with the community on the topic.

Access to the SHFPACT Library and Resource Centre which contains a range of materials to support many educational needs.

The SHFPACT bookshop has resources to support teachers and educators in teaching as well as titles to recommend to parents and care givers and young people themselves.

Teacher’s and educators wanting to brush up on the latest information on sexual and reproductive health can check out the SHFPACT info sheets.

Health promotion resources can also be made available in limited quantities to ACT schools.

SHFPACT has also been involved in collaborative efforts in schools to promote healthy sexuality and relationships. One of these program – SHLiRP is delivered in ACT colleges in partnership with Canberra Sexual Health Clinic. For more information check out the page on SHLiRP.

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