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SHFPACT Strategic Plan 2019-2023

SHFPACT Strategic Plan 2019 2023



SHFPACT is a non-government organisation working across the health, education and community services industries. Our key relationships and partners operate in the government, non-profit/for-purpose and commercial sectors. The organisation employs professionals with diverse qualifications and professional experience, including medicine, nursing, social work, education, health promotion, finance and administration, among many others.

 SHFPACT achieves its impact through the provision of healthcare services, including counselling, directly to the community; and by strengthening community and workforce capacity through information, education and training services that build health literacy and skills in the areas of sexuality, relationships, and sexual and reproductive health. 

Providing direct services ensures that the organisation’s industry knowledge and skills are relevant and current, and inform advocacy, health promotion and workforce development activities as well as deliver specialised, safe and respectful services to priority populations who may have limited access options to appropriate services.

In the absence of a national or ACT reproductive and sexual health policy or strategy, SHFPACT’s work interacts particularly with priorities and directions drawn from public policy on sexually transmissible infections (STI) and blood-borne viruses (BBV), women’s and men’s health, youth, disability, and social inclusion, amongst others.

SHFPACT is one of only a few non-government, non-profit organisations in the Canberra community bridging clinical services delivery, education and training, and health promotion work, and that is relevant and responding to health needs that affect the entire Canberra community.

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