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Is this normal?

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Children's sexual behaviours can be embarrassing and confusing and sometimes cause concern. Knowing what's considered normal can ease some of the worry of parenting. Knowing more about sexual behaviours is part of helping protect children from harm.

Is this normal? Understanding your child’s sexual behaviour provides parents and carers with:

• an explanation of the Traffic Lights framework for understanding and responding to children's sexual behaviours

• stories about everyday situations where action might be needed

• tools to support communication with children about sexuality and relationships

• ideas for what to do when a child's behaviour is not appropriate for their age

• suggestions for how to get support

Published by FPQ, Is this normal? Understanding your child’s sexual behaviour is coauthored by Holly Brennan OAM and Judy Graham.

Holly Brennan and Judy Graham have more than 20 years experience working with children and their families. This book combines this wisdom with relevant research to support parents with accessible tools to help children to grow up healthy, informed and safe.

FPQ is the leading provider of sexuality and relationships education services in Queensland.

Dr Daryl Higgins on 30-03-2015 12:32 PM
This is a clearly written resource for parents that draws on principles identified in the latest research about sexuality, development, and the safety and wellbeing of young people. It provides practical suggestions that support parents and carers to feel more comfortable about the area of sexuality and young people.
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