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Walker Books Let's Talk About Where Babies Come From Answers all your questions about birth, babies, bodies, families and healthy sexuality. .. Product #: B00033 based on 0 reviews Regular price: $0.00 $0.00 1

Let's Talk About Where Babies Come From

Brand: Walker Books
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Weight: 510.00g
Dimensions: 300.00mm x 250.00mm x 7.00mm

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A revised and updated edition of this highly acclaimed information book on sex and reproduction for primary school children.

This information book about sex and reproduction covers all the main areas: babies, reproduction, bodies, chromosomes, genes, growing up, love, health and lots more. As before, the information is imparted simply and reassuringly with humorous commentary from an inquisitive bird and a squeamish bee and very friendly full-colour cartoon-strip illustrations.

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