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Lyle Stuart Publishing Where Did I Come From? The facts of life without any nonsense and with illustrations. .. Product #: B00059 based on 0 reviews Regular price: $18.00 $18.00 2

Where Did I Come From?

Brand: Lyle Stuart Publishing
Availability: 2
Weight: 190.00g
Dimensions: 235.00mm x 232.00mm x 4.00mm

Price: $18.00

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How do you explain an orgasm?

How do you explain the process of conception?

How much should you tell and what should you skip? And how do you tell it so that it interest your child and doesn't embarrass you?

For more than twenty years "Where Did I Come From?" has helped parents explain the facts of life to their curious children. Millions of children have enjoyed the humor and honesty in this book, while learning how babies are really made. 

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