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Puberty Girl

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Offering a fun, sassy, and girl-power–inspired approach to understanding puberty, this beautifully packaged guide offers tweens an appealing and fresh take on entering adolescence.

This celebration of maturing bodies and spirits is invariably positive, while providing factual information on menstruation, pubic hair, acne, eating disorders, and other issues essential to girls entering puberty. The emotional challenges of this stage are also addressed, including information on sexual abuse, bullying, maturation reluctance, and conflict resolution.

With straightforward and conversational advice on everything from tampons to teasing, Puberty Girl is a trustworthy resource for girls seeking answers to embarrassing questions and looking for a way to embrace their new selves. Inspiring photographs of real girls create a sense of shared community, while instructional illustrations teach young girls about their changing bodies.

Puberty Girl is a best seller and currently published in 8 languages around the world. It developed out of 18 years of working with preteen girls and their parents in workshops, presentations and public talks. Workshops initially started at The Royal Hospital for Women in Sydney, and I later ran workshops in schools and in a number of other settings.

The Puberty Girls work that informed the writing of the book is about supporting girls to feel empowered around their first period and to feel that puberty and menstruation is a healthy and normal part of growing up. My wish is for girls to love being girls and feel good about all their creative, sporting and academic abilities as well as their appearance.

Alyssa (Australia) on 16-03-2015 12:58 PM
I have just finished your book ‘puberty girl’ and i cried when i finished it it was like you were talking to me in person. I am ten years of age and my mum just got me this book.
Emily House on 16-03-2015 01:00 PM
I did quite a bit of research on finding an appropriate book for elementary school age girls to learn about their present or future body changes. This book seems to be the best. While it is not at the reading level of the population that I work with, the information is right on. I'm going to use this book to lay a foundation for several lesson plans for my school to use for our girls.
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