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The Puberty Book - Fifth Edition

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With all the latest information, this new fifth edition of The Puberty Book answers all of those direct (pre) teenage questions:

What's a wet dream?
How do you ask a girl on a date?
How are sperm made?
After sex do you get sick?
What do you do if your penis is small?
How does milk get into breasts?
When should you start shaving your legs?

With simple language and honest answers, the authors discuss the changes that happen at puberty - sex and sexuality, health, relationships, pregnancy and birth.

ISBN 978-0-7336-2639-5

Jodie Miller on 24-02-2015 12:51 PM
Endorsed by Sexual Health & Family Planning Australia, The Puberty Book answers real questions from real kids about what is happening to their bodies, what is happening to others' bodies, their relationships with others as well as questions about feeling and looking healthy, including the importance of mental health. Naturally, the fundamentals of sexual intercourse, fertilisation, pregnancy and birth are covered in the same question-answer format, addressing the myths and facts with equal candour. Birth control and sexually transmitted infections get their own chapter, 'As you get older'.

This book comes along at the right time for our family. With four kids aged between four and ten, the author of this review is confident The Puberty Book will be a handy reference on the shelf for many years to come.
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