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SHFPACT Reception Appointments

Sexual Health and Family Planning ACT (SHFPACT) are still available for telephone consultations for a range of sexual and reproductive health needs.

The following appointments can be booked via Hotdoc for a phone consultation.

  • Sexual health services:
    • Screening for STI (sexually transmissible infections, where you are concerned about exposure but have no symptoms)
    • Initial PrEP consultation (new clients)
    • Follow up PrEP (continuing clients)
  • Menopause Centre Canberra:
    • Initial menopause consultations for new clients
    • Follow up menopause for continuing clients
  • Contraception and reproductive health services:
    • Repeat contraceptive pill prescriptions for existing clients

For other health services and information, please contact us by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (please include your phone number) or phone 62473077. Our staff will assist you to make an appointment with our doctors/nurses, or refer you to other clinicians as appropriate.

We look forward to continuing to assist with your sexual and reproductive health needs.

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Sexual Health and Family Planning ACT (SHFPACT) offers a holistic, confidential and respectful service to Canberra and the region. All doctors and nurses have specialist sexual & reproductive health qualifications and approach all matters sensitively. SHFPACT doctors and nurses are all female.




During this period of transition and change, there are no face-to-face consultations and the clinic facility is shut. Telehealth consultation appointments will be made after triage by telephone.

Usual clinic opening hours:

Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 8.30am - 5.00pm
Wednesday: 8.30am - 5.00pm
Thursday: 8.30am - 5.00pm
Friday: 8.30am - 1.30pm


Sexual Health and Family Planning ACT
Level One, 28 University Avenue, Canberra, City ACT, 2601

SHFPACT Location Map28 University Avenue is a building with a dark glass facade. The University Avenue entrance to SHFPACT's building is located in-between two coffee shops, 'Gozleme Café' and 'The Hobart Coffee Lounge'. Enter our building through this entrance, and take the lifts to Level 1.

SHFPACT Building Wide


Reception & Appointments: 02 6247 3077
Level One, 28 University Avenue, Canberra, City ACT, 2601


Different issues require varying appointment times, however most of our appointments are 30 minutes long.

Your time is very important to us and all doctors and nurses work hard to try to make sure clinics run on time. However, there are times where due to individual client needs or unforeseen circumstances clinics may run late. We appreciate your patience with this and ask that you allow sufficient parking time to allow for this.

New clients are asked to please arrive at least 10 minutes before the start of their appointment to complete paperwork which includes general information and a medical questionnaire.

Should the booked time not be long enough to address the issues raised within the consultation, another appointment can be made for a return visit so these needs can be met. Book online through HotDoc or call 02 6247 3077 to make an appointment.


SHFPACT is not a bulk billing clinic, fees apply for all services.

Concessional fees are available for:

  • All clients 21 and under.
  • Full time students under 25.
  • Commonwealth concession card holders.

SHFPACT also offers special members’ discount rates for consultations at the SHFPACT clinic and Canberra Menopause Centre.

Please speak with our reception team about fees when making your appointment, and they will advise you of the likely cost of your consultation.


For any of the below considerations please alert the receptionist at time of booking.

The SHFPACT clinic can offer longer appointments for people who may need more time with the clinician. SHFPACT also supports individuals to bring along a carer or support person to the consultation if this will help will help with comfort levels of a client’s visit.

SHFPACT's Clinic is fully wheelchair accessible and accessible parking can be found in Darwin Place, next to the Darwin Place entrance to the building. The SHFPACT reception team can organise the services of an AusLAN interpreter – please let them know at time of booking if you require this service.

For more information, or to request assistance with an appointment, phone SHFPACT on 02 6247 3077.


Language barriers can make it more difficult for people whose first language is not English to find and use health services.

The SHFPACT reception team can organise the services of a TIS qualified interpreter – please let them know at time of booking if you require this service.

SHFPACT clinical and education team may also be able to source information on sexual and reproductive health in an individual’s preferred language.

Infomation for Clients


Language barriers can make it more difficult for people whose first language is not English to find and use health services.

Clients have the right to: 

  • Confidentiality
  • Clear, respectful, equitable and honest communication
  • Be treated with courtesy and consideration
  • Retain personal dignity and privacy
  • Access their personal file
  • Detailed information in relation to a condition, treatment, side effects and possible outcomes in order to make informed choices.
  • Autonomy in making informed decisions.
  • Participate actively in their health care, including the right to decide whether or not to comply with action plans and treatment programs which have been chosen in consultation with their health care provider.
  • Consent to, or refuse treatment, including participation in educational or research programs which may involve care given by clinical trainees.


  • Arrive for appointments on time. If a client arrives late for an appointment, they may be asked to reschedule the appointment for another time in order to avoid delays for other clients attending the clinic.
  • Notify the clinic if they are unable to attend. Please note that SHFPACT has a 2 hour cancellation policy. If you fail to cancel an appointment with less than 2 hours’ notice, SHFPACT reserves the right to charge you the cost of the appointment or a $50.00 late cancellation/no show fee.
  • Be sure they have a clear understanding of the details of their consultation including any condition and/or treatment.
  • Provide details of relevant past medical history.
  • Follow treatment and action plans including attendance for follow up, investigations, medical imaging (ultrasounds, scans, Xrays) and specialists’ appointments within the time frame advised by the health care provider.
  • Treat SHFPACT staff with courtesy and consideration


SHFPACT Info Brochures & Publications