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Age differences

Is it wrong to like a guy who is 3 years younger than yourself? I really feel a connection but I don't know if it is socially acceptable to do anything about it. Is it wrong to feel this way for a younger guy?

Many people like and are attracted to those that are younger than themselves. Being attracted to or feeling a connection with someone is much more about a person, their personality, what you have in common etc. than their physical age. Let your friendship develop with him and see how it goes, the main thing is that you are both happy and enjoy each other's company.

There are lots of stereotypes which mean that it's quite common to see younger women with older guys, and nobody thinks twice about it, but the other way around its questioned or seen as unusual by some. There may be some people who hassle you a bit because of this stereotype, but just ignore them and ensure you have someone supportive to talk to. It's quite natural & normal to feel this way about someone younger than you, and there are many successful relationships everywhere which are comprised of women with younger guys.