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Video: How are condoms made?

Next time you use a condom — which are still the best way to stop the transmission of STI's and HIV, and also prevent unplanned pregnancy btw — you can thank the totally awesome machines that worked tirelessly to make that moment happen.

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In a Heartbeat

A closeted boy runs the risk of being outed by his own heart after it pops out of his chest to chase down the boy of his dreams.

Young people and being safe online

This is an assembly from CEOPs Thinkuknow education programme that helps children to understand what constitutes personal information. The assembly enables children to understand that they need to be just as protective of their personal information online, as they are in the real world. It also directs where to go and what to do if children are worried about any of the issues covered.

Tea and Consent

If you’re still struggling with consent just imagine instead of initiating sex you’re making them a cup of tea.

Animation courtesy of Emmeline May at and Blue Seat Studios.
Copyright © 2015 RockStarDinosaurPiratePrincess and Blue Seat Studios. Images are Copyright ©2015 Blue Seat Studios.

Luke Warm Sex: The STI House

What could be more awkward (or more entertaining) than Luke McGregor talking about sex? Oh wait… Luke McGregor trying to get better at sex.

Your kids and nude selfies

This is film from the NCA-CEOP Command's Thinkuknow education programme's new resource called 'Nude Sefies- What parents and carers need to know'. The film helps parents and carers learn about effective strategies for talking to their child about nude or nearly nude images.