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National Condom Day 2020 - It's a wrap!

National Condom Day 2020

National Condom Day is an Australia state-wide event and takes place on the 14 February 'Valentine’s Day' each year.

It's is a day where we are reminded that condoms are still the best way to stop the transmission of STI's and HIV, and also help prevent unplanned pregnancy.

See this year's photos below.

Condoms are indeed awesome things that can help keep us safe, but they do need one super important thing before you rip open that little packet.


The great thing about consent is that it's pretty damn hot!

In case your unsure, sexual consent is when you and your sexual partner both agree to have sex. It’s imperative to be clear on this before things get too hot and that condom comes out!

Five things you should know about sexual consent

1. Sexual consent must be explicit

There’s only one way to know for sure if someone has given their consent: if they tell you. It’s no good just to assume that the other person is as into it as you are. It’s extremely important to check because any non-consensual sexual activity (even kissing and touching) is harmful and against the law.

2. You can always change your mind

You and your sexual partner can decide at any time that you don’t want to keep going, even if the sex stuff has begun. If this happens, both people should stop.

3. It's good to check in with each other

Take notice of your sexual partner’s body language. For example, if they seem tense or uncomfortable, pause and ask them how they’re feeling. But don’t rely on them to notice your body language – speak up and tell them how you’re feeling and if you want to stop or take a break.

4. It's okay to slow things down or stop

There’s really no rush to have sex if you’re not feeling it. If things are moving along too quickly for you, you could say something like ‘Can we slow down?’, ‘Can we take a break?’ or ‘Can we stop?’

5. Drink and drugs affect consent

If you’re really drunk or high, you can’t give consent. And if you’re sexual in any way with someone who's drunk or high and doesn’t know what’s going on and therefore can’t give informed consent, it’s equivalent to raping them.

Oh and remember if you’re both equally as enthusiastic about having sex, it also makes the sex much more pleasurable and enjoyable.




VIDEO: Tea and Consent:
If you’re still struggling with consent just imagine instead of initiating sex you’re making them a cup of tea.

National Condom Day 2016
National Condom Day is a timely reminder for people to always use condoms during sexual activity to protect themselves and their partner/s.