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IUD Insertion Workshop for GPs | 2020

IUD Insersion Workshop 2018

This workshop is designed for suitably experienced GPs who wish to learn to insert IUDs or GPs who are interested in learning more about IUDs as a contraceptive option for their patients but intend to refer them elsewhere for insertion.

Please see below for workshop eligibility requirements.


  1. Identify women who are appropriate candidates for IUD insertion
  2. Be able to counsel women on IUD insertion as part of routine contraceptive discussion
  3. Identify appropriate pre IUD investigations
  4. Instigate use of a pre insertion check list that will assist with improving safety for patients
  5. Apply your knowledge of IUDs to manage side effects and complications.


Consists of 3-hour face to face interactive theory component, then a choice of options:

  1. Theory component only. Extra reading and written cases – 3 hours
  2. Theory component plus clinical attachment consisting of 2 or 3 sessions of supervised IUD insertions.


RACGP QICPD Activity 102097 40 Category 1 points
ACCRM id 9081 30PRPD points + 30 PRPD O&G / Women’s Health points


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for expressions of interest and more details.


Participants in IUD Insertion Clinical Training must be a Registered Medical Practitioner with at least two years postgraduate experience. Adequate Professional Indemnity Insurance is the sole responsibility of the participant. Participants should already have:

  • extensive experience in Contraception consultation and counselling
  • well-developed speculum and bimanual pelvic examination skills,
  • have undertaken a Family Planning Certificate, or have considerable experience in women’s health and gynaecology in general practice. 

If you wish to undertake IUD Insertion Clinical Training, but do not have the requisite skills, it is recommended that you acquire these skills before undertaking IUD Insertion Clinical Training.