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shfpact is a web-based information resource that re-conceptualises women-women sex in ways that promote engagement with safe sex and consensual relationship messages.  The resource was developed based on needs analysis information drawn from research published periodically since 1996 by National Centre for HIV Social Research on the health of lesbian, bisexual and queer women in Sydney, NSW, and the research conducted by the girl2girl project officer.

The original girl2girl project included an anecdotal survey, focus group, feedback sessions and committee consultation. Each of these groups consisted of members of the target audience (young women who are attracted to other women, or sexually active with other women) and/or sexual health professionals.  The research found that in order to engage the target audience with a sexual health promotion message (that they did not believe were particularly relevant to them) the website must be highly engaging, relevant and interesting.SHFPACT has since obtained funding from the Australian Lesbian Medical Association and ACON to review and update the website.

The review project involves both general public surveying and interviews with sexual health professionals.

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