Questacon gets ‘Sexed up’

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Health Training for Doctors

XXX Adults Only Science Night Explosion

There was condom experiments, edible vulva sweet treats, games and any number of cheeky hands-on educational activities at the SHFPACT info booth at Questicon’s ‘XXX Adults only Science Night’. Without a doubt ‘making your own vulva biscuit’ was a hugely popular with visitors. SHPFACT staff helped visitors create over 1000 vulva biscuits out of milk arrowroot bickies, lollies, sprinkles, coconut and mountains of icing . The sweet sticky treats were not only fun to create but also encouraged participants to consider healthy natural genital diversity.

Community educator Erin Smith continued with the theme of healthy genital diversity, in her presentation “Be a Designer Vagina Decliner: the low down on cosmetic female genital surgery”. Presenting to a packed theatre Erin discussed the health impacts of cosmetic female genital surgery, unpacked why women are undergoing these procedures and dispelled myths around body expectations.

SHFPACT were greatly encouraged by the success of the event and believe that participants left celebrating healthy diversity.


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