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SHFPACT Reception Appointments

SHFPACT is now open for clinical and counselling services from Monday 10 January 2022.

Sexual Health and Family Planning ACT (SHFPACT) continues to provide consultations for a range of sexual and reproductive health needs. With the announcement of changing public health restrictions in the ACT, if you have not already had your appointment confirmed, please telephone Reception. All new appointment bookings will be confirmed after a telephone call.

Most clients will receive a text message to confirm their appointment. SHFPACT may have to cancel appointments at short notice due to the impact of COVID-19 exposure on our staff numbers, and we apologise for the inconvenience this may cause clients.

Consultations that do not require an examination or procedure will generally be provided by telehealth. If in doubt, please contact Reception directly to confirm the best appointment type for you.

To make an appointment in 2022, please contact us or call 02 6247 3077. Our staff will assist you to make an appointment with our doctors/nurses, or refer you to other clinicians as appropriate.

If you have any mobility issues that may make it difficult for you to be examined, please call  02 62473077 to speak to one of our friendly receptionists. This will enable us to make the appropriate booking for you and will avoid the inconvenience of you having to reschedule should a suitable room/staff not be available at the time of your appointment.

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The Menopause Centre is here for you.

menopause appointments

Find out how menopause may affect your life and what The Canberra Menopause Centre can do for you.

Based at SHFPACT, The Canberra Menopause Centre is a dedicated service for those seeking information, support and medical management of menopause symptoms. Menopause is the stage of life when periods cease. This occurs when the ovaries are no longer producing eggs, and is a natural life event. Menopause has three stages: perimenopause, menopause and post-menopause.

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Graphic image of hand in the air and the words Volunteers Needed!

Call for Volunteers

Did you know that SHFPACT distributes over 5000 condom packs around the ACT every year?! They’re all packed by hand, mostly by volunteers - and we always need more.

Condoms are a great way to reduce the transmission of STIs and BBVs, and help to prevent unplanned pregnancy. Each pack contains two condoms as well as lubricant and health information. These condom packs are handed out for free at various health promotion events including at various universities, colleges and community organisations as well as readily available for clients at our clinic.

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Three women on a pink background. Text over image 'Free Cervical Testing. Book Now. A free cervical screen test could save your life.

Special offer: Free Cervical Screening Tests

We are offering FREE Cervical Screening Tests for clients who book appointments in our training clinics on selected dates during OCTOBER & NOVEMBER 2022.

At your appointment, there will a highly experienced SHFPACT nurse and a second registered nurse undertaking extra training in well women’s screening.

Cervical screening saves lives. Make an appointment today. Call our friendly reception team on 02 62473077.

An image-based illustration tile of four different women holding signs that says. Quick. Easy. Private. Life-Saving. on a blue and orange background.

Easy, Quick, Private, Life Saving! You can now do a Self-Collected Cervical Screening test!

The new Self-Collected Cervical Screening Tests now make it easier, quicker, and more private. This is how it works and why you should get tested. It could save your life!


The Cervical Screening Test is a simple test that is one of the best ways we have to prevent cervical cancer. Cervical cancer is preventable with regular cervical screening because pre-cancerous changes can be found and easily treated so that cancer does not develop.

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Including Intersex

Released to mark Intersex Day of Awareness 2021, Including Intersex: responding to issues affecting the educational experiences of intersex students in Australia is a new resource filling a gap in information and guidance about the needs and experiences of intersex people specifically for the school and education setting. 

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Health Information Brochures

Do you need some information about Sexual Health that you can trust?

SHFPACT has a large range of health information brochures covering STI’s, Contraception, Women's Health, Men's Health, Menopause and more.

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Get PrEP in Canberra

PrEP and how to get it?

Are you thinking about taking PrEP and would like to know more?

PrEP or Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis is a prescription medication which is a combination of two different HIV drugs that is taken once daily by HIV negative people to prevent them from becoming infected with HIV. It must be started 7 days before exposure and continued for 28 days after exposure. PrEP can sometimes also be taken on-demand at the time of sex -this is not suitable for everyone and you would need to discuss this with your doctor.

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Unplanned Pregnancy

Unplanned pregnancy is common and it is estimated that approximately 200,000 unplanned pregnancies occur in Australia every year. 

There are three choices available when you have an unplanned pregnancy: 

  • Continue the pregnancy and parent.
  • Continue the pregnancy and place the child for adoption.
  • Have an abortion.

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Protecting yourself

Protecting yourself and your sexual partners from STIs is important and easy.

On this page you'll find all the info about Sexually Transmissible Infections ( STIs). The best way to protect yourself from STIs is still with a condom and if you are sexually active having a regular sexual health check-up is a vital part of staying health and in control of your sexual health.

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SoSAFE! Training

Become a SoSAFE! Registered User. 

SoSAFE! is a set of visual and conceptual tools designed to promote social safety for people with an Intellectual Disability (moderate to severe range) and Autism Spectrum Disorder.

SoSAFE! tools encourage social safety through the provision of a simplified and rule-governed model of social reality that teaches the type and degree of verbal and physical intimacy appropriate with different categories of people. 

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Enjoying Sex Safely

Safe sex is sexy. Sex is meant to feel good and be fun, but it can be risky if not treated with respect.

When entering into sexual relations with someone, the first thing you should do is talk about it and make sure you seek consent. Always ask someone before you start touching them or engaging in intercourse. This article talks about: safe sex, consent, decision making,  STIs, unplanned pregnancy, emergency contraception, and where to go if you need advice or help.

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Woman with Menopause walking on the beach

‘It changed who I felt I was.’

Women tell of devastation at early menopause diagnosis. Around 10% of women – including many who believe they have the prospect having children ahead of them – are suddenly told they are at the end of their fertile life, and at greater risk of diseases normally associated with middle age.

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The SoSAFE! Tools (together with SoSAFE! User Training) provide teachers, trainers and counsellors with skills and simple visual tools to enhance the social, social-sexual and social safety training of people with moderate to severe intellectual disability. SoSAFE! uses a standardised framework of symbols, visual teaching tools and concepts to teach strategies for moving into intimate relationships in a safe and measured manner, and provides visual communication tools for reporting physical or sexual abuse.