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Supporting students affirming gender at school

The Good Practice Guide for 'Supporting students affirming gender at school' has been launched by the  ACT Safe and Inclusive Schools Initiative. The Guide deals specifically with the ways school communities can be proactive in gender-inclusive practice, and support students who are transgender and gender diverse (TGD) when they decide they wish to share or express their gender identity at school.

Including Intersex

Including Intersex: responding to issues affecting the educational experiences of intersex students in Australia is a new resource filling a gap in information and guidance about the needs and experiences of intersex people specifically for the school and education setting. It is estimated that intersex people account for up to 1.7% of the global population. Across all school levels and systems, this equates to around 1300 to 1400 intersex students in the school system at any given point in time (roughly 1 student in every 2-3 classrooms). This statistic means that educators have almost certainly...

Free Safe and Inclusive Schools Initiative Core LGBTQIA+ Training (TQI Accredited)

Do you want to learn about how you can contribute to building safer and more inclusive schools for all students? The Safe and Inclusive Schools Initiative are running a free 3 Hour * TQI-accredited training workshop to unpack and examine the experiences of Australian LGBTQIA+ students, and how to be more inclusive.


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