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SoSAFE! Resource. Talk Touch Triangle Box Set

A new tool to help promote Social Safety. SoSAFE! provides parents, carers, teachers, counsellors and other professionals with simple visual tools to enhance the training of social, socio-sexual and social safety skills. The explicit, rule-based format allows the learner to respond to situations, including intimate relationships, without having to make discretionary decisions, in response to their feelings or ‘early warning signs’.
A photo collage of different types of people in the work place with intellectual disabilities.

SoSAFE! Goes to Work for Managers

SoSAFE! Goes to Work for Managers and Co-workers is a one day training for managers and co-workers of people with intellectual disability and/or Autism Spectrum Disorder. The training will provide you with the skills, tools and strategies from the SoSAFE! framework to support co-workers living with intellectual disability and/or Autism Spectrum Disorder. The training will be tailored to meet the needs of your workplace, and includes: Understanding disability, sexuality and social safety Introduction to SoSAFE! concepts, language and tools Applying SoSAFE! tools in the workplace Overview...


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