• Trans Day of Visibility

Trans Day of Visibility

Trans Day of Visibility is an annual international celebration of trans pride and awareness, recognising trans and gender-diverse experiences and achievements.

On 31 March, celebrate with gender-diverse people all around Australia by sharing stories, starting conversations, and attending events.

Why is visibility important?

For many gender diverse people, a lack of representation, role models, and community can be isolating and make it difficult to feel proud in our identities.

Trans Day of Visibility is a day of pride and celebration for gender diverse identity, achievements, and community. For a community that is too often underrepresented, TDOV is about reclaiming space and being visible on our terms.


Trans Day of Visibility is all about celebrating gender diversity and inspiring one another! Join trans and gender diverse people around the world and share your story and selfie with #TDOV. Share your story and join an international movement for visibility.


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