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Contraception Kits

SHFPACT hires Contraception Kits to any High Schools and Colleges that have a Friends of SHFPACT Membership (Organisational/Nonprofit/Small Business/Schools).

To take out a Friends of SHFPACT Membership follow the link below:

Friends of SHFPACT Membership

SHFPACT’s Contraception Kits contain:

  • 1x diaphragm (Caya®)
  • 1x hormone releasing IUD (Mirena®)
  • 6 x male condoms
  • 6 x lubricants
  • 2 x female condoms
  • 2 x dental dam
  • 1 x oral contraception pill sample box
  • 1 x emergency contraception sample box
  • 1 x vaginal ring (Nuvaring®)
  • 1 x contraceptive implant (Implanon®)
  • 1 x contraceptive injection vial in box  
  • 1 x demonstrator (to demonstrate condom use)
  • 1 x Cervical Screening Test kit
  • 1 x contraception efficacy infographic
  • Printed information about the various forms of contraception and STIs


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